Saturday, 14 November 2009

Since last time...

So, it's been rather busy since I've been gone!

Last weekend I went to Chester's fireworks display on the Roodee, run by the Chester Lions - fair do's, crap weather but the display was most enjoyable. Had to laugh at the couple next to me...stupid young pair of chavs who had the audacity to go "Awwww f*ckin' 'ell, shall we jus' go, coz dis is dead borrring like", and his girlfriend replying with "Yeeeeh, it's all a bi sameee inniiit"

Of course it's samey you cretin, it's a fireworks display, what were you expecting. Puppies and kittens shot out of cannons at the crowd to Dizzee Rascal? Uhhh no.

Last Sunday was of course Remembrance Day, a day to remember all of those brave soldiers, past and present, who have done the sterling work of protecting our country...I'd hoped to post a video on here but have yet to work out forgive me!! Anyway, we took my grandad to the local tea room afterwards (side note - expensive or what, prawn butty, SIX QUID!) and he got a mug of coffee - put in the sugar, milk and proceeded to instead of picking up the mug gently so it didn't spill, bending over the mug and sucking up like a horse at a waterhole. Oh it was hilaaaarious!!!!!! You had to be there I guess.

Speaking of soldiers - something that's been mentioned rather a lot over the last week is the letter to the mother of Jamie Janes (I think that's right) - which was sent by our ol' friend Gordon. Clearly Gordon is a bit f*cking stupid...coz he can't spell. And apparently, his staff are stupid too - coz they didn't spell check!

Everyone is making up excuses "Oh he can't see well", or "Oh, well he has to write in thick felt tip"...who cares - Crayola don't give spelling lessons!!!!! And if that man has such a huge group of staff, why do these people not check what he's saying before it's sent to ensure that it doesn't look like a 3 year old grabbed government headed paper and wrote the letter!? Baffles me completely. Another screw up from Gordon is the lack of bowing at the Cenotaph service last Sunday. Some people have told me that it was a genuine mistake, I think otherwise. I think it was a massive show of disrespect and a lack of understanding and grace according to the day in hand. David Cameron and Nick Clegg managed it, so what was his problem - did his spelling get in the way, or did his staff forget to check? ARGH!

Following from that was the by-election in Glasgow, which Labour promptly and "comfortably" won. WHY!? A majority of you sit there, complain about the country and then continually vote for the trouble makers. Why do you do this? You confuse me with this behaviour and considering I've got to put up with your stupid decisions, I want to know why you do it! What possibly makes you think this is a good idea? Having the same bunch of hypocritical, egotistical, ignorant prats in power is not a future I'm looking forward to, so I emplore you - vote for anybody but Labour - they sent us to an illegal war, have basically what is a complete clot in power (don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's a nice bloke, but he couldn't run a race, let alone a country) and you're allowing it to happen.

If you don't agree with the Iraq war, the Afghan invasion, the immoral lack of respect last Sunday, the letter to the mother, the other massive screw ups that are too long to list - look elsewhere for your cross next year.

On a completely different note, I'm confused by religion. What I don't understand is how you get perfectly well rounded, intelligent people who are men of philosophy, women of art and people of science seriously turning around and saying - yep, God exists! Where? How? When? Why? Is it provable? Why do you have to answer the questions I just answered with the cryptic "It's all part of God's plan" offence but bugger off - science is physical and it can prove God doesn't exist. Dinosaurs came before man, and dinosaurs and provable as such - so why do you have blind faith? What is it you believe in? Why do you believe in it? A higher power, a big plan? What is it that comforts you to go through life believing there is a big guy in a toga on a cloud watching us all?

Answers on a postcard....

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  1. I just wanted to say that though I agree with what you're saying, and that your grandad's awesome, I personally would like to see puppies and kittens shot out of a cannon to Dizzie Rascal... but I'm odd.